Bath Bomb - J'Adore Matcha


About this product

If you thought Matcha Green Tea was solely meant to drink on the way to yoga class then you better get ready for this! Matcha green tea has ancient sought-out properties that naturally detoxify the skin’s outer layer and help retain moisture throughout the day. Enzymes in green tea have been proven to reduce the look of sun damage and tighten the skin where needed.

Premium grade blended matcha with a silky combination of butter and peppermint oils to leave your whole body and mind relaxed and peacefully rejuvenated.

Bath & Tea... It's a matcha made in heaven.

Hints of: Matcha, Peppermint, Honey

Perfect for: Detoxifying, Hydrating, Sensitive Skin

Notable Ingredients: + Japanese Ceremonial Matcha: Ceremonial is the perfect way to describe the experience of the Matcha cascading through your tub. This powerful powder packs amazing skin-soothing and antioxidant benefits.


Made in Canada
Weight: 299.4 g (10.6 oz)