Lavender Fields Reed Diffusers


4 oz bottle with 2 oz of diffuser liquid + six black 10" all-natural reeds.

Bring lavender fields' soothing and calming scent into your home with the Lavender Fields Reed Diffuser.

Inspired by our own Lavender Lounge + Boutique, this diffuser is a perfect blend of lavender that creates a peaceful and relaxing ambiance in any room. You can now immerse yourself in the fragrance of our lavender fields and create a blissful oasis in your living space. It comes with reeds which you need to flip regularly for the best results.


  • Long-lasting fragrance for up to three months
  • Includes reeds
  • Refills available separately


  • Create a peaceful environment at home with ease
  • Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of lavender without leaving your house
  • Refills available to enjoy long-lasting scent