Lavender Sachets


Add a touch of nature and relaxation with our organic Hereward Farms Dried Lavender Sachet.

Made with a blend of organic Lavender flowers, this sachet is perfect for storing in dresser drawers, linen cupboards, or under your pillow for a more restful sleep. These sachets are also great to have in your car, as they help de-stress during long or busy drives and makes your car smell delicious!

Grown on our very own farm, the dried lavender is placed inside a natural muslin pouch with a cotton drawstring. The sachet is made to last for years with proper dry storage and stays fresh and scented throughout its lifetime. Simply keep it away from direct contact with moisture.

Apart from being a natural moth deterrent in closets and storage boxes for out-of-season garments, the lavender sachets are also great for giving linens that fresh scent without having to resort to harsh chemicals. You can even gently massage the sachets every few months to release more of their essential oils.

Size: 11g